Clive Pinker and his group recently conquered the Luvuvhu 4×4 Trail and he paints a unique picture of his trip accompanied by a catalogue of photo’s. Look out for his tip!

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“We are bush people. I’ve travelled through central Botswana and Namibia, and what surprised me the most about the Luvuvhu 4×4 was the scenic beauty, and the fabulous feeling of isolation as, for four nights in a row, we camped in wild paces with just the sounds of the night and the sky to keep us company.  The first night in the south of Letaba Ranch was amazing. It’s the dry season now, and we saw a herd of about 100 buffalo drinking at the seepages in the river created by the elephants. How they do it, I’ve no idea.  Over those first two days in Letaba Ranch we had an excellent range of great animal sightings. My friend even got pictures of a pack of wild dog splashing through the Letaba River.

The 4×4 challenge was fun too. We have some tricky roads, as well as river crossings and sandy inclines; a nice range without being too hectic.  Yes, it was made easier with our guide, the inimitable Janco Scott who has a laid-back way of ensuring that nothing is ever a problem. He’s a mine of information and the stories and facts just never stopped.

Makuya Reserve in the north is extraordinarily beautiful with views that go on forever. We didn’t see the level of game there that we’d expected, and my hot tip for other trailists is to add a night onto the trip so that there’s time to pop into Kruger to the Luvuvhu River drive and the Pafuri Picnic Site. It’s like another country up there with the fever trees and Lala Palms.  All in all, I know the bush, and some days are ‘hot’ (for animal sightings) and some days are not. That’s just how it goes.  We loved the trip, and it provided a lovely mixture of everything.”