Sometimes the best way to tell a story is just to share the post-trip email and photos from the participants.  So herewith,  unsolicited, unedited feedback


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It’s been a long first day back in the office after spending the past week on the Luvuvhu Trail (end August 2013).   This past week was amazing to say the least, I (we) did not expect how great the trail was going to be.   I just want to thank you for helping to organise everything and giving all your advice and for quick responses when we needed information.

To Janco (our guide), wow what an amazing guy, he really made the trip worthwhile. I do believe that you can have the best trail with all the bells and whistles, but if you guide is not up to scratch that trail will be worthless.

 Janco really has a wealth of knowledge and was very informative with everything; he was also friendly and full of laughs.  I will recommend and Janco as a guide.  We all agree that we would definitely want to arrange another trip that has him as the guide.

Again thank you for such an amazing trip.