Rock Lions at Machampane?

Ever been in the bush and had a heart-stopping moment thinking you'd seen a lion - only to realise it was a bush or rock?  When the sun's at the correct angle these rhyolite rocks in the dry grass can be quite deceiving! Rhyolite is a relatively common volcanic rock. It is the chemical equivalent [...]

3 of the Big 5 in 24 hours at Machampane

In the last 24 hours we have seen 3 out of the Big 5 in and around Machampane. Late yesterday afternoon a herd of 60+ buffalo was seen on the main road very close to the Machampane turn off.   Last night at about 22h00 a breeding herd of elephant visited the camp and [...]

Aug 29th, 2011|Experiences|

Game sightings on the increase

  Hennie van der Colff is bursting with excitement about the steady increase in game that's been seen in and around Machampane Wilderness Camp. These are his notes: Machampane's first official game drive/ night drive route has been opened. On a day drive a few days ago seven different mammal species were spotted, some more [...]

Jul 27th, 2011|Experiences|

Green Flag Status Awarded

We are pleased to announce that the Hiking, Walking and Canoe Trails in Parque Nacional do Limpopo, the Mozambique sector of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, have been awarded Green Flag status by HOSA (Hiking Organisation of South Africa). "The opportunity to hike, walk or canoe in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park is a privilege" says Glynn O'Leary, CEO [...]

Jun 20th, 2011|Experiences|

My cure for Adventure-laria

My cure for Adventure-laria by Janco Scott Disease status: Highly infectious. Symptoms: Stress, loss of concentration, uncontrollable bursts of irratabilia and personality changes. Cure: Time out in the bush It sounds serious doesn’t it? Well it is. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with Adventure-laria, and I have found the best cure ever. If you [...]

Mar 25th, 2011|Experiences|