Machampane is in a summer rainfall season, and due to low rainfall last summer, is now facing a major water shortage because this season’s summer rains have not yet arrived.  This is what the situation is, and what you can expect.

  • All drinking  water is being trucked in to ensure that supplies are adequate and of excellent drinking quality. You certainly won’t get thirsty. Bottled water is provided in the tents, and is freely available.
  • Ablution water is being pumped from the remaining river pool, but because of the low water level, the quality is not up to the normal standard. We have added additional cleaning filters to improve the experience for guests. The guides will be asking you to use this precious resource sparingly, and refrain from leaving taps running unnecessarily.
  • Discretionary use of water for activities like washing vehicles and swabbing down wooden decks has been suspended to save water. We are certainly doing everything to keep things clean, but we hope you understand that in drought conditions dust become a badge of honour.
  • There are few remaining pools in the river where animals can get water to drink. They are thus concentrated around those areas, and as a result sightings are a little more predictable than usual.

We look forward to your visit, and hope that the above information helps you understand the circumstances Mother Nature has provided.